This is not another motivational letter

This is not another motivational letter

This is not another motivational letter

I swear this is not gonna be something you would find on Instagram, making serious problems look like a lack of effort from yourself. This might actually be a critic to all that train of thought; however, I think this might help you to get up and look at life differently.

As this blog has said before, the modern society, the millennial way of living life can turn out to be much more stressful than other generations, since we’ve been kids, all we’ve heard about was to get excellent grades, grow up and have a family at our 25ves or 30ties –or whatever the age you want–, fall in love with one person, marry them and live a happily ever after… I don’t know about you but that sounds nothing achievable for me right now… at least not in that order or neither all of those in one life.

Fortunately for us, our generation, day by day we are fighting to unlearn this kind of mentality that has so much toxicity on itself. Nowadays we have access to a lot of new things, learning other perspectives to life, such as religions that stand by the needs we might have. Right now what I can think about is the hole buddhist philosophy which can adapt to any kind of lifestyle, and that for some reason has so much answers to what the world is living right now, such as how we are one with the nature, how animals, plants and even rocks can actually feel and are much more relevant to us than we think.

New generations are trying to change the world we live in, and as we understand how we are one with our planet is how we might start treating ourselves and our surroundings, being grateful with our bodies and minds will save us from exploiting them on a daily basis. It’s time to leave all the expectations of our future behind in order to do the best we can with ourselves and then, pass it on to our working life, family routine and future projects. Stop forcing yourself to do things or to be something unachievable, get to know yourself and start being the best you can be at what you want to be.

This is how you can be your best self.


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