How many times have we heard that whenever we are being ourselves equals to being beautiful, that whatever we have inside is what matters? –I know this intro might be the antithesis from our last blog, however I’ll be as less corny as possible–.

Anyway, this is a call to action, it’s so easy to tell others to be themselves, when we live in a society where all we’ve learned is to be anything but ourselves, to be polite, to avoid crying on public, getting mad or even to freely express love, to play hard to get and so on…

Well, today I’m here to invite you to express your anger (as long as you never hurt anybody, please), your sadness, your love and caring for others and, of course, to start playing easy to get. Leave all those silly stereotypes about how people respect us if we pretend being hard shell humans, we are all humans, we need to behave like that and stop acting as robots without feelings.

Starting today, I invite you to –everyday– take a deep breath and start thinking about your feelings, who you want to be in life (economically, socially and personally), how will you be able to achieve all those things and relax, as long as you are doing things to reach for your dreams, the universe will do the rest.

Stop thinking about the rest of the people and start thinking about how you can be a better person for yourself and whoever surrounds you, you’ll see how everyone suddenly will be doing the same thing. As silly as it might sound, start by yourself, then your family, then your neighbourhood until the whole world has changed.



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