Guess what? Self care is trending

Guess what? Self care is trending

Guess what? Self care is trending

I know you’ve heard this more than once, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take the time to explain it to you one more time, just in case you need a reminder.

As cheseey as this might sound, in order to succeed you need to believe in yourself, and in order to believe in yourself you need to treat you as you would do with anybody else you love. Which means that whenever you feel sad, give yourself a chocolate, a soup or something that can heal that wound.

Whenever you feel burned out or stress about anything, try to meditate, distract yourself or just, have the same empathy as you so with your beloved ones.

There’s also something very important that nobody says, bur self-care is a daily thing to do, it’s not only when you feel sad or without motivation, it should be EVERY SINGLE DAY. Wake up and cook yourself the best breakfast you can, everyday, give yourself the best shower you can everyday, if you like to do exercise, do it as if it was your last training everyday, show you love your mother, sister, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whoever, as if it was your last day on earth.

Make your self loving a daily routine, don’t drink that marvelous herbal tea just when you think you’ve eat too much, do it everyday, treat you inside as the most sacred thing there is in the world, because guess what? It is!


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