Anxiety is a serious issue

Anxiety is a serious issue

Anxiety is a serious issue

Generation Z might be sometimes excessive, right? But hey, let’s recognize something about them. Thanks to this generation we now know how important our mental health is in our daily life.

It’s about time we talk about the trending sickness: ANXIETY. Did you know most of the world population suffer from anxiety? I know this might sound extreme but, we really do.

I bet you have felt this way, maybe not as a chronic disease but definitely much more than you even know or would want to admit.

Modern cities, and current lifestyle tend to be quick, suffocating, noisy, too stimulating and at times hard to bear with, so yeah, if you’ve ever felt exhausted just by going to the mall or grabbing coffee with a friend you might have had an anxiety bout and didn’t even noticed it. In modern society we have to deal with tons of stress on daily bases and sometimes we can´t control it, which then translates into anxiety.

Anxiety is a serious issue, it shouldn’t be treated as a banal thing or a phase. Is not that new generations have no mental strength, the problem lays in how daily modern life has changed so much that our social, economical, academical, romantic and familiar environment have created many expectations that don’t match with the real life context.

A lifestyle that appears to be unachievable. Adults suffer from it too, but it’s much more common for them to deny it. We need to take it seriously and take some considerations to deal with it.

Fortunately, scientists have found some natural alternatives to fight anxiety. The famous Hemp has lots of benefits for our health, one of them is the relaxing effects on our body by connecting with our neurotransmitters in order to enhance our mood.

Studies from the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine found that this plant has synergistic effects with antidepressants.

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